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React JS is a popular tool supported by Facebook and aimed at creating the products of user interfaces. Its key target lies in displaying certain things, which can be seen by users on webpages, onto the screens.

One of the library features is so-called division of a page into several fragments, or components. These are the independent parts which may be repeatedly used and function. 

React implementation on the website may be either gradual or partial, which means utilizing it according to the most relevant tasks.

If you have decided to become closer to your clients and have made a decision to develop a mobile application for Android or iOS, React JS is the exact library to obtain the flexible product at the maximum speed.

Why to prefer React JS? 

There are several pluses that make programmers opt for React library:

  • easiness to import certain components;
  • recurrence of code usage written in React;
  • React-based websites may be easily transferred to a mobile platform using React Native;
  • DOM - React usage provides corresponding to a pointed condition, in which user interface is;
  • client rendering support;
  • TypeScript usage (add-in over JS).

The tool is the most suitable for realization of:

  • online shops;
  • social networks;
  • CRM systems;
  • applications with complicated business logics.

Annually, the technology is becoming more and more frequently used, which is proved by statistical data. The ArmedSoft team does not stand aback. Our developers are incredibly interested in studying and exploring new technologies, and correspondingly, in creating of quality and efficient products that will promptly respond to the platform users’ actions.

Advantages of ArmedSoft

ArmedSoft team has accumulated a great experience of implementation of numerous projects on various platforms with high overload.

We are skilled enough to develop successful projects using an extensive range of technologies. We are ready to offer a solution for development of your current or future business.

Our employees are professional in the sphere of project development and support, and are capable of implementing a high quality and efficient product that will become beneficial and convenient to use.

Owing to the acquired skills, our team provides every client with an opportunity to move to a new level and to inform the target audience about their goods and services.

We are responsible for our work, that is why we create high quality systems with unique design.

Our main aim is customer satisfaction, thus we work in order to meet to all your needs and requirements.


Our Benefits

  • Individual approach

    Individual approach
    One of the priorities of our work is high quality software that we create. To achieve this ambitious goal, we examine in detail the features of the business of each customer and offer the solutions that the best meet their needs and demands.
    • Individual approach and unique design
    • Guaranteed quality
    • Round the clock online support
  • Highest quality

    Highest quality
    Individual approach and unique design are our rule. Therefore, each of the more than 40 projects implemented by us is original and recognizable.
    During 5+ years in the IT market we managed to form a team of real professionals, which enthusiastically welcomes new challenges and constantly evolves.
    • Using the latest technologies and approaches
    • Successful implementation of the variety projects (more than 40).
  • Best Features

    Best Features
    We make sure that our programs and websites work correctly and reliably. Therefore we constantly improve ourselves by learning the latest technologies and approaches.
    • Affordable prices
    • We provide IT services for over 5+ years
    • A huge team of professionals
The team

Our Pride

  • Nazar Antoniuk - CTO

    I have been working on Websites Development for 7 years. My latest tasks consisted of developing websites with a high load.

  • Valentyna Liskova - CEO

    ArmedSoft is not just a company where I work - but it's special place, with a great team, with the possibility to develop yourself and to demonstra

  • Olga Hrytsayuk - Project Manager
    Project Manager

    I work as project manager since 2016. My job is to manage the whole project.