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Copywriting: basic types, advantages and disadvantages

February 12, 2017

Copywriting: basic types, advantages and disadvantages

   Not all at once understand the meaning of copywriting. This is a relatively new concept, what means the process of writing texts and articles to promote products, services and business.

   Once copywriting was regarded for writing texts only for advertising goods and services, and now it means writing any texts that are published in the Internet spaces.

   Copywriting has the following main features:

  • text should be clear, concise, thematic and be unmistakable ;
  • all words must be easy to remember and be clear;
  • text should interest the user or consumer,cause the desire to use just your services or goods.

   The following types of copywriting:

  • SEO-copywriting;
  • LSI-copywriting;
  • image copywriting;
  • advertising copywriting.

   Now a closer look at each of these species.

   SEO-copywriting - an article written on a particular theme with specified keywords,which are mandatory. This method of search engine optimization, through which text is edited so,  to would be available to each user.

   LSI-copywriting (Latent semantic indexing) - a new concept, because few know what is its purpose. This method allows search engines "understand", what people are looking for and that they wanted to read.

   Image copywriting is a very difficult and challenging for copywriters. Every nuance is important, you should well think of a text to convey a view to users, while not damaging the company's image. You need to negotiate with the customer, collaborate with marketers and managers,you must detailed study the company itself. This type of copywriting is well paid.

   Advertising or PR- copywriting, which purpose is to promote a certain product or service. You must clearly carry analytics for multiple areas, think of the future strategy to convince buyers to purchase that product or use the service. In this case, the text should not be immense in scope.

   Copywriting advantages are:

  •  relatively easy  work with  good pay;
  • free schedule;
  • you may work in remote locations;
  • positive means of moving goods and services.

   The disadvantages are:

  • you need to clearly think about promotion strategy;
  •  slow way of progress.

   To efficiency was greater for you, you can create your own blog. It is advisable write articles on topics, that are close and interesting, in which you are a professional or are targeting a good topic.

   So in order to deal with copywriting, no need to have special skills, rather have a good vocabulary, skillfully "possess" word and have to desire.

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