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Development of Personal Android-Based Mobile Application

February 26, 2020

Development of Personal Android-Based Mobile Application

Percentage of those who use mobile devices grows annually, and this, correspondingly, increases the demand for development of mobile applications. In 2016 a slight overage of mobile data usage in comparison with PC data was noted.

Applications are not developed solely for entertainment purposes, but with an aim of purchasing and selling of certain products. The most widespread is Android-based distribution since approximately 72% of users prefer this basis.

Being of a good quality and usability, a future resource will guarantee increase in the number of users, will boost the sales, and will contribute to a better interaction with the target audience. It is the utmost necessity to win consumers’ credibility. In this way, a range of users may be extended via informing them about special offers, current bonuses, etc.

Being able to keep an eye on certain actions of users and to gather statistics is an advantage. Particularly, this enables to analyze which merchandise is in the greatest demand, what the time of the highest visitors’ activity is, and which application functions are in users’ favor or vice versa. In this way, the above-mentioned data are the basis for business process optimization.

Android-based applications are created on Java. There are four types of program components that play an important role and are considered a so-called building block. They are interconnected through Intent objects. 

Activity is one of the components, a separate screen in Android. It enables users to utilize ordinary functions, as for to call a phone number, to send an SMS, etc. In most cases, windows are depicted in a full screen mode, however, sometimes their sizes may be smaller. Usually, an application comprises several operations, one of which is the main. Each operation provides the start of the other. When a new operation is started, the previous one stops, but remains in stack, that is according to the principle “the last one is the first one”. 

Service-component is responsible for opening programs in background mode. Here, the peculiarity constitutes the services operating without users’ interface.  For example, music can be playing while a user has another application open, or while file downloading is taking place, etc.

Here is the list of several system services.

Account Service is aimed at administering users' accounts (for example, Gmail).

Activity Service enables interaction among Activity objects and other services available in the system.

Bluetooth Service.

Clipboard Service deals with clipboard management.

NFC Service provides data exchange between smartphones and wire-free devices that are located several centimeters one from another.

Telephony Service provides such important functions as control of calls, sending and getting text messages.

Wifi Service provides Wi-Fi connection.

Broadcast Receiver is a component obtaining external events and reacting to them. Broadcast Android messages are used for a range of events, as for alerting users about battery mode, inbox messages, calls, etc. 

Content Provider enables sharing the data of your application with external applications. It is important to note that if your application uses SQLite database, this means that access to the base is provided only for it. If there is a necessity to provide the other Android application with permission to access personal data, a personal Content Provider should be created. Then Content Provider is announced to be in the manifest file where there is information about the application. The next step is Content Provider access implementation in a client application.

First of all, it is online stores, taxi services, food deliveries that are recommended to develop mobile applications. Besides, implementation term directly depends on the technical task complexity. Development itself is not a quick process, and payoff period may take longer in comparison with an online store.

If you are ready to invest into the future, it is essential to remember that a future product should bring benefit not only for you, but for users as well. Thus, Android-based application will enable automation of business processes. Moreover, you will become more confident on your way, and will manage to carry your point among the other competitors.

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