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Internet - portal

September 14, 2017

Internet - portal

   What do you associate with the word "portal"? Entrance to some building, way of moving in films ... However, the Internet portal - is a completely different concept. This is one of the types of websites that has a wide range of functionality. It has a large number of sections, categories and subcategories.

   To better understand what it is, let's give you an example of one of the largest web portals - Yahoo. You have probably heard about it on many occasions.

 Here everyone can watch sports news, politics, economics, weather forecast, basic information about the company.

   Another Ukrainian bright example of such a portal is UKR.NET.

   Quite a lot of useful information yоu can find on the website: weather, exchange rate, horoscope, news, auto, goods, travel, baby goods, various services and much more.

   Internet portals are in different types:

  • horizontal and vertical;
  • corporate and public.

   Horizontal portals cover a wide range of topics, a large target audience (Yahoo, Ukr.Net, etc.). Vertical - on the contrary - are devoted to narrow subjects.

   Corporate - provide information about a specific оf the company, its products or services. They are available to employees or clients of the company (maybe for public use), public - for all visitors.

   Stages of web-portal development:

  • collection of information;
  • drafting of the technical task;
  • agreement with the client;
  • drafting and signing of the agreement;
  • choice of the template by the client;
  • coordination of the features of the location of items on the website;
  • site filling by the content;
  • web portal testing;
  • check by the client;
  • surrender of the project.

   Creating the internet portal - is a very troublesome, complicated and long-lasting job. You need to think about a convenient navigation system, because many pages can be confused. This is a large-scale project, so it may take several months to implement it.

   When yоu designing it is necessary to take into account a large amount of information. It is also worth paying attention to the fact that the visitor should not be distracted оn the pictures, banners, because he comes to the website with one purpose - to get specific information. Therefore, it is necessary to minimize the placement of graphic content.

   The main advantage of creating the Internet portal is the reach of a wide target audience and, thus, a significant increase in financial resources. In order to increase the attendance of the site, first of all, it is necessary to constantly update the information, the content must be high-quality and unique.

  The development of the web portal is a good opportunity to "make a statement" about yourself, attract more targeted users and get the right income. Of course, first you need to invest a lot of money. However, after all, if all the costs are covered, they will pay off.

   Developing оf the internet portal - is a great way to get a regular customer because there are actually a lot of visitors there. First you work for your website, and then the website works for you. You only fill the portal with high-quality content. The material should be interesting, contain quality photos, reviews, and more. By giving the portal a start, you will not notice how it will grow on its own. People who came to the site-portal will share thoughts, reviews, arrange discussions and make many other things.

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