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The main advantages and features of contextual advertising

January 25, 2017

The main advantages and features of contextual advertising

   Each of us has seen  repeatedly  and encountered  with contextual advertising in the Internet. It is a advertising banner or text ads and it is very profitable way for both the advertising companies and for most site owners.

   The most popular contextual advertising systems are:

  • Google Adwords;
  • Yandex. Direct;
  • Runner.

   To start using Google Adwords you must go through the registration, indicating the original data. Then check your site's requirements.

   If you want to use the system Yandex. Direct, it is necessary that your site was  high quality and in great demand among visitors.

   Runner - the simplest system of contextual advertising with the above, because the accepted site with a minimum attendance daily. The biggest demand is for Russian sites.

   The main advantages and features of contextual advertising are:

  • fairly broad coverage of the target audience;
  • quick return result;
  • economy - this type of advertising is relatively inexpensive and highly profitable;
  • unobtrusive to visitors;
  • uniform expenditure and optimization of the budget;
  • the possibility of adjusting the campaign;
  • you pay only for the result (called "clicks");
  • usability.

   Text ads of contextual advertising placed:

  • for a specific target audience;
  • for users who have previously visited the site;
  • for visitors who are gaining particular search query;
  • on pages that are similar in theme.

   There are also several disadvantages such advertising, the main ones are the following:

  • short time of existence - once the funding ends, advertising stops its work and reduced the number of visitors;
  • this type of advertising is not always fun. Its effectiveness increases when offered popular services or products;
  • a fairly high level of competition. It is therefore necessary to clearly think through every step to make  your advertisement  most relevant and interesting for visitors. In fact, based on the popular theme determined CPC - the greater the demand, the higher the price;
  • sometimes there are restrictions on the number of words in the query, the unreliability of statistics;
  • this type of advertising will be not enough to promote large companies.

   To make your advertising more effective and profitable, you should follow these basic rules:

  • you must clearly choose keywords, as  from this depends  the number of visitors;
  • keywords should not be too much, and they have to match your theme;
  • ads must use words that urge to buy just your products or use services;
  • goods and services should offer  when they are in demand on the "market";
  • should interest visitors: write and publish new articles.

   So, if possible, you need to use this type of ad. Think about the details  and check everything, then contextual  advertising  will necessarily lead to an increase in sales and profit growth, respectively.

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