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Symfony + React + API platform

December 29, 2020

Symfony + React + API platform

Symfony, React and API Platform combination is efficient in the case of application creating. 


Symfony is a convenient and flexible PHP-framework that contains instruments for developing applications of various levels of complexity. A great advantage is an opportunity to implement resisting API for a further interaction with JS.

API Platform is a so-called full-stack structure aimed at API-based project development. It is an independent PHP library. Server basis comprises Symfony and Doctrine ORM. Client components use JS frameworks, such as Facebook React, VueJS, Angular. API Platform includes REST API-targeted instruments, which speeds up the development process because numerous tasks can be implemented due to minimum code quantity. Besides, such full-fledged hypermedia API-interfaces as authorization, cache, testing etc. can be created with the instruments.  

API Platform can interact with Elasticsearch that is the search platform aimed at a quick search, storage and analysis of huge amount of data. It is worth noting that only 6.5.0 version is supported.

Talking about API Platform, GraphQL should be mentioned as well, which is the REST alternative for API development. The key difference is in the fact that developer can get necessary data via one API request. However, GraphQL support by default is not activated, that is why it is essential to set graphql-php library.

Symfony is a universal program enabling the portal and application development. Being full-fledged and efficient, it is offered for companies’ clients. React, in its turn, is responsible for user interface development. It simplifies the interactive interface development process. Thus, developer just needs to describe how a certain interface part should look like in each state of application. Components will be updated after data change.

Simplicity of Symfony’s API-interfaces integration enables combining with various applications and interfaces, particularly with ReactJS and other JS-frameworks. This integration is extremely advantageous both for owners of a future product and for developers. If a huge number of users has to be involved, API creation for mobile application development is an integral part. This provides interaction with server and obtaining/storage of data. Generally, React is considered to be one of the most popular frameworks for application development, which is reasoned by its interactivity (that is obtaining a quick response by users), a possibility to implement complicated interface elements, and to perform complex calculations on the clients’ side.

Today application creation is a great advantage for business development since it enables to boost sales efficiency and to embrace a bigger part of target audience. Combination of the described technologies, as for Symfony, React and API Platform, will become an advantageous solution to begin development of the future web-product.

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