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Useful Tools for Web-Designer

February 03, 2020

Useful Tools for Web-Designer

Every web-designer has his or her own design success secrets, which are implemented with special tools making their work much easier. is one of the most popular services that contains more than 2 million of icons. Packages containing a full set of images are available for downloading. Besides, icons may be added to a collection, which is quite useful. After that, they may be downloaded within one archive. Authorization in website is not obligatory, but in case of the necessity to edit (change the image color), you will need to log in. is another service with the available icon downloading. A needed element may be quickly found after sorting out according to category filter. 


Fonts are a crucial constituent that impacts overall perception and eventually creates a success. Based on the general search rules, you may choose the necessary fonts in


One of the most popular and used services for font downloading is Google library Having chosen the one you need, a sample text with the relevant font size may be written in order to evaluate the variant. 


Color array of the future website is one of the key marketing tools. That is why you have to take the company style into consideration. In case you are a novice in your activity, it is essential to pay attention to website topics, business sphere, and target audience.

Statistical data show that in the range from 60% to 90% of cases, feedback about online resource directly depends on the color, which is truly a good figure. In this way, let us focus on psychology of color perception, using the examples of colors and arising associations.

Red means happiness, anger, danger, fire. This color is more used for websites that deal with automobiles, entertainment, tourism, food manufacturing. For example, Coca-Cola and Colgate use red as the element of the company style.

Blue color and its shades may be often found in design of various Internet resources of large companies like Facebook, Twitter, PayPal. It evokes trust, calmness, and reliability. However, it is not recommended to use this color for food industry.

Yellow may be undoubtedly used for websites that deal with topics connected to children and tourism. It entails the feelings of pleasure, harmony, and warmth. Nonetheless, it is better not to overuse this color since a reverse effect can take place evoking irritation.

The first things that spring to mind when black color is utilized in web design are elegance, exquisiteness, and power. Many online stores selling accessories use black in their color array. Apart from that, this color is suitable for the websites that sell automobiles.

White color may be combined almost with the majority of shades as it is a universal one. Its application for online stores will become a perfect solution because users will not be distracted, and, on the contrary, they will concentrate on the range of goods. 

Green is usually used for environmental topics or for selling of organic goods. This color evokes calmness, ease, and the feeling of repose.

It is utmost to combine shades professionally. Firstly, the main one has to be chosen for stimulating visitors to act – to buy goods, to read a blog etc. Next, based on the main color, you will need to decide between no more than three secondary colors. Certain online services may be quite helpful, as for example,


Currently, the sphere of web design is rich for free online tools available, which will quicken the working process, particularly for novices. The choice of these tools depends on you since you may opt for the most practical and favorable one. That is why, once you have learnt how to use the tools, you will easily implement a modern and creative design.

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