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Web-site testing

January 17, 2017

Web-site testing

     In this article I want to tell about the process of testing, that is inalienable and finishing part of prosecution of project.

     Testing - is web-site verification , that is sent to the exposure of rejections, id est process of errors  search. Verification both can conduct as a performer so a customer . But most effective will be joint work.

     Therefore will consider the basic stages of testing:

  • an acquaintance with tasks, documentation and layouts;
  • stowage of plan of further work;
  • verification of described to the functional, id est functional testing. It consists in verification: searching work ; all basic functions of web-site; so-called capacity of web-site (for example, addition of comments); non-working references.

     The basic lacks of such testing are: probabilities of insufficiency of prosecution of logical errors and excessive testing.

  • testing correction of web-site . At first it is necessary to check the rightness of elements  location and their accordance to the layouts a tester. After it checking of code is conducted for reliability  - accordance of initial code to the rules and norms. Advantages of this verification is higher speed of loading and high crossbrowsering. 

     Crossbrowsering gives an opportunity to the web-site of represented and accordingly to work in the most widespread browsers ( Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, mobile browsers and others like that). This stage of verification is important enough, in fact the update versions of various browsers, it is necessary to "adapt" to that, appear often enough, that every user was able to become familiar by your web-site. 

  •  usability testing  - this process includes for itself checking of software product for a comfort, analysis of content, estimation of structure of references, accordance  to the set design. Interesting enough and more effective is that both testers and users (from 4 to 6 people) are involved in it;
  • security  testing - this type of testing is needed if to avoid attacks, rights for access are checked up.

     Security  testing  is a necessity for: 

  • various social programs,
  • payment systems,
  • web- additions;
  • additions of that there is the hidden information (commercial).
  • Performance  testing - this process is based on verification of integrity, complexity, capacity and possibility of effective work of web-site in the conditions of the considerable loading.

     This type of testing consists of such types: 

  • Stress of testing,
  • Stability / Reliability testing,
  • Spike Testing,
  • Volume Testing,
  • Load testing.

     During all process of testing a tester finds out errors, finds the ways of their decision and corrects. After it creates a report that is passed to the participants of project and his leader. It is necessary again to conduct the repeated testing, to check quality of the corrected defects and prevent the origin of new. Verification of web-site conducted to the that time, while it will not answer the specific of requirement specifications. 

     If work is executed qualitatively, then the final stage is placing of web-site on a server. Testing is one of major parts of any program of quality control.