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PHP 8.0 Release

December 29, 2020

Recently there has been a release of PHP 8.0 that substituted PHP 7.4 version. In order to migrate to a new version, the portal contains the special category since some innovations violate compatibility with other versions. 

Вихід PHP 8.0

The main peculiarity of PHP programming language is JIT (Just In Time compiler). It is implemented as the Opcache constituent and is aimed at switching of operational code in processor instruction during the performance process. That is, the code will now pass by the outdated Zend VM, which will improve the efficiency of PHP 8-based projects.

The match phrases have numerous advantages because they provide keeping the results in a variable or its return. Union-types support enables pointing two or more allowed value types. Attributes, in their turn, connect metadata and classes. Weak Maps are responsible for value saving along with object keys.

More details and a full list of changes may be read on an official page dedicated to the release.

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