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Release of Drupal 9

June 17, 2020

A new version of CMS Drupal 9 has been released since June 2020. It has been the leading technology for 20 years and, what is more, has filled a niche in the web-development world. This is a powerful system with numerous tools for developers and designers. A new version implies new and improved opportunities which have constituted the basis for CMS creators. 

Release of Drupal 9

Today both developers and users can try and feel all the benefits of Drupal 9. It is worth noting that all Drupal 8 features have been saved, however, with useful additions. In particular, WYSIWYG is meant, which is a visual editor with the expanded capabilities of Layout Builder. There are new efficient components in conjunction with modern functions that can be easily updated. In other words, there is no need to switch to a new platform.

Thus, if you have chosen Drupal, you are on the right way and, moreover, you can surely move forward and develop.

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